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Friday, September 23, 2011 1:50 pm
Web Crush of the Week: Locus Online
Posted by: Karen Kleckner Keefe

Like its print counterpart, Locus Online is your one-stop-shop for pretty much everything you need to know about science fiction and fantasy publishing. If’ it’s been typeset and has a spaceship or a dragon on the cover, it’s been in Locus. (No spam please. I know that those are awful cliches and the that industry is much more sophisticated and stratified than that.)

The website is produced from southern California, independently from the editorial staff of the magazine and features:

  • News – Awards nominations and results, obituaries, and major publishing developments. As of January 2009 these are posted in the Locus SF&F Newsblog, with most posts from the Locus Magazine offices in Oakland, CA.
  • Monitor – Locus Online‘s weekly to monthly listings of new books and magazines, with descriptions, cover images, links to relevant author and publisher websites, and quotes from reviews; and a weekly compilation of genre books that appear on general bestseller lists.
  • Reviews – Selected book reviews from Locus Magazine (typically two per month, plus Graham Sleight’s bimonthly “Yesterday’s Tomorrows” column), plus special-to-Locus Online coverage of significant genre films, with reviews by Gary Westfahl and by Howard Waldrop & Lawrence Person.
  • Perspectives – Essays and commentary, including occasional special-to-Locus Online features by Gary Westfahl and others, Cory Doctorow’s bimonthly columns from Locus Magazine, and (as of February 2009), a new Roundtable blog with posts from Locus reviewers and other invited guests.
  • Resources – Static and periodically-updated pages of indexes and links, including the Links Portal, listings of forthcoming Conventions and Author Events, selected Forthcoming Books as compiled by Locus Magazine, annual Directories with bibliographic listings by type of books published with links to descriptions, bestseller lists, and reviews; indexes to reviews and interviews that have appeared in Locus Magazine, and the independently compiled Locus Index to Science Fiction, by William G. Contento, and the Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards, by Mark R. Kelly.
  • The Magazine – Samples of each issue of Locus Magazine, including the Table of Contents, excerpts from the interviews, and listings of Locus Bestsellers and of New & Notable Books.
  • Blinks – Sidebar links to notable reviews, articles, and websites

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