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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 8:30 am
If you could reprint your favorite Dusty…
Posted by: Rebecca Vnuk

Surely by now you’ve all heard that Nancy Pearl is teaming with Amazon to reprint some of her favorite out-of-print books.  I won’t get into the backlash and controversy here, because I can see both sides—and other people have made their arguments, no need for me to step into the fray.  What I’d like to explore instead, is this:

If you were teaming with <insert name of favorite publisher here>, what titles would you like to see back in print?

I’ll go first!

One of my favorite dusties is Beverly S. Martin’s glitz-and-glamour saga Juffie Kane.  Juffie grows up in the 1930s as the beloved granddaughter of gangsters.  In the 1940s, she finds her acting career going nowhere fast, so she enters into a deal with the Mob. By the time she’s 25, she’s had a string of Broadway hits, but is “owned” by a gangster who forces her to play Vegas and act as a dope courier. By the time the 1950s roll around, she’s at the peak of a glittering career, but is killed in an avalanche in Switzerland…or is she? Characters that jump off the page and all of the glitz and glamour of an actress’s life make this older title absolutely worth seeking out, especially if you like steamy sagas with strong heroines.   Representative of a trend that will probably never come back, (oh! the 1980s heyday of over-the-top soap opera novels, I miss you!) I’d still bet a lot of women’s fiction readers would devour this one.  Martin now writes historical novels under the name Beverly Swerling, and rumor has it she may bring this one out in downloadable format…
So how about you?  Do tell!


6 Responses to “If you could reprint your favorite Dusty…”
  1. Laura B. Says:

    A Rose for Maggie, a Silhouette Intimate Moments series romance by Kathleen Korbel from 1991 (reissued in 1996).

    The heroine is a book editor and single mom to Maggie, a Down’s Syndrome baby. The hero is a handyman who also writes children’s books (which I wish were real. The excerpts are fabulous). It won a RITA.

    I’ve read this book many, many times and it still makes me cry. Even if it were republished, I’d keep my original SI copy. It’s autographed. :-)

    Kathleen Korbel is the self-described evil twin of Eileen Dryer, who has published quite a lot of really great stuff under her own name as well. Korbel was her pseudonym for series romances.

  2. Eugenia Bryant Says:

    Landscape of Lies by Peter Watson

  3. Karen Kleckner Keefe Says:

    For Adults: Out of Love by Victoria Clayton (wonderful women’s fiction that I love to recommend)
    For Teens: P.S. I Love You by Barbara Conklin (worth every penny of babysitting money I spent on it)
    For Kids: Giants Come in Different Sizes by Jolly Roger Bradfield (I’d love to read this wonderful, silly book to my little one)

  4. Beverly Swerling Says:

    Hi Rebecca, Thank you enormously for all the kind words about Juffie. Can we talk directly??? I’m not coming up with your e-mail at the moment.

  5. Cielle Says:

    Philippa Carr’s Daughters of England series. I’m generally not a fan of historical fiction, but I loved these. Now that you’ve got me thinking about them, I’m going to have to carve out time to re-read them (if I can find them).

  6. Dan Says:

    Two very different books:

    Eating Ice Cream with a Werewolf

    Harvest Home

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