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Nobody puts backlist in a corner—readers'-advisory experts Karen Kleckner Keefe and Rebecca Vnuk bring attention to older titles by featuring "dusty books" and offering read-alikes for what’s hot on the holds list.

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Fri, December 13th, 2013
Web Crush of the Week: Rhapsody in Books
Posted by: Rebecca Vnuk

When Karen and I do our “Readers, Writers, Books, and Blogs” program for librarians, one type of blog we like to highlight is the cozy, chatty blog.  The ones that you just seem to stumble upon. They may not be focused on one particular type of book, but that’s not what you’re there for anyway. […]

Fri, November 29th, 2013
Web Crush of the Week: Cookbooks for Dinner
Posted by: Karen Kleckner Keefe

Are you ready to think about food again? Well, if you’re not up to eating, maybe you can stomach a little food-related reading. T. Susan Chang’s Cookbooks for Dinner is perfect purusing for those wanting to know what’s worth reading in the ever-growing world of cookbooks. Chang has been a food writer and cookbook reviewer since 2001. […]

Fri, November 22nd, 2013
Web Crush of the Week: Shelf Awareness
Posted by: Rebecca Vnuk

ShelfAwareness: Daily Enlightenment for the Book Trade. OK, so this isn’t technically a website or a blog, it’s a daily e-newsletter, but hey, if you don’t want to bother subscribing to it, you can go to the site and just treat it like a blog by reading the daily issues. ShelfAwareness is meant for the […]

Fri, November 8th, 2013
Web Crush of the Week: The Big Thrill
Posted by: Karen Kleckner Keefe

The Big Thrill is the online publication of The International Thriller Writer, featuring news and information on the latest thrillers along with in-depth stories and interviews. In addition to print releases, the publication also highlights new audio books and e-releases from ITW Members. You can read content on their web site or subscribe and have a […]

Fri, October 25th, 2013
Web Crush of the Week: Go Book Yourself
Posted by: Karen Kleckner Keefe

Check out this fun tumblr next time you’re searching for your next great read. From the folks who brought you Go Cook Yourself, Go Book Yourself  provides “Book recommendations by humans, because algorithms are so 1984.” Find read-alikes for Game of Thrones, The Fault in Our Stars, A Tale for the Time Being, and more.

Wed, October 23rd, 2013
Readers, Writers, Books, and Blogs
Posted by: Rebecca Vnuk

Readers, Writers, Books, and Blogs is a program we’ve presented for the last 5 years for various libraries and conferences. As you can imagine, we’ve had to update and overhaul it every time, as blogs come and blogs go (but we’re still here!!).  This week we had the chance to present the latest version for […]

Fri, October 18th, 2013
Web Crush of the Week: Three Guys One Book
Posted by: Karen Kleckner Keefe

Going strong since 2008, THREE GUYS ONE BOOK originated as a way for three friends in the book business – Jason Chambers, Jason Rice and Dennis Haritou — to talk about books together. The site features short reviews of stories and novels, publishing news, photography, and the popular 3G1B group discussion. Some pretty heavy-hitting writers have contributed to […]

Fri, October 11th, 2013
Web Crush of the Week: The Reader’s Advisor Online
Posted by: Rebecca Vnuk

This week’s Web Crush is The Reader’s Advisor Online Blog: The free blog portion of Libraries Unlimited/ABC-Clio’s database The Readers Advisor (which is based on Libraries Unlimited’s Genreflecting print series – full disclosure: Rebecca is one of LU’s authors, and has contributed a chapter to the 7th edition of Genreflecting. But we’d still crush on […]

Fri, October 4th, 2013
Web Crush of the Week: No Flying, No Tights
Posted by: Karen Kleckner Keefe

An oldie, but a goodie. No Flying, No Tights (Smallville, anyone?) is one of the best graphic novel resources out there. In addition to great reviews for adults, kids and teens, there are interviews, top five lists, and an awesome librarian-specific FAQ. Really, if you’re already a comics or graphics novel fan and don’t know […]

Fri, September 27th, 2013
Web Crush of the Week: EW’s Shelf Life
Posted by: Rebecca Vnuk

ShelfLife is Entertainment Weekly’s one stop blog shop for book news, in EW’s famous snarky, snappy style. Great for brief, trendy tidbits of info.  This is where you are going to learn all about the pop culture stuff your patrons may be talking about, so head over and get schooled.  Don’t worry, they cover the big […]

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